Our Story

Welcome Curl Friend!!

My name is Shawanna, but in the beauty industry I am known mostly by my family of clients as Mikee. I am a Baltimore native, a lover of God, a Mom, a self-professed foodie, and a veteran licensed professional Cosmetologist with over 23 years of experience behind the chair. I happen to be the girl who is obsessed with caring for hair; sooo I made it my career. I literally walk down the street "repairing and coiffing hair in my head". If I had my way, there wouldn't be a split end, parched strand, or bald edge on this planet!

My love for hair literally keeps me up at night, 😂. As a professional stylist, my clients can tell you that I don't play about unhealthy hair. In the salon I can be heard saying, "there is no such thing as good hair, good hair is healthy hair"! in my world, the health of your skin and hair come FIRST-then styling. Since I can not provide service to the entire world, I decided to create products to help you maintain and support your hair and skin. Having healthy hair begins with a regimen so you will need an arsenal of great products that work for your hair texture and we got you covered honey!!!

Coco Kendyll is the namesake of my daughter Chloé "Coco" Kendyll. Our products are made with love, integrity, and luxurious ingredients that are mom and kid approved. The best part is, CK products are formulated to be safe, to support skin, and to encourage optimal hair growth. We want you to LOVE LOVE your hair,. Listen, you can't have a great fit, vacation, or relationship without great hair (joke). Seriously though, your hair is your crown and it can reflect your inner confidence. Having healthy hair is the proverbial diamond in your crown. Our mission is to honor you by providing exceptional customer service and offer luxurious products that will keep your hair stunningly beautiful- just like you! 

-Mikee 💖 Coco