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We recognize the need for gentle products that support hair growth for children and that is why we only use plant based ingredients that are safe for the skin, hair, and environment!

 Who We Are!



We formulate, produce, handcraft, and salon test, natural, organic, and plant based haircare products. Crafted to suit the specific needs of ethnic hair textures and styles; our products are toxic free, cruelty free, and vegan inspired. CK products nurture the scalp to deliver nutrients that promote balance and moisture retention, while elongating curls, unraveling tangles, and defining texture. 


Whether you wear your hair in it's natural state, relaxed, or transitioning; you can have hair that has bounce, body, and shine. As your partner in your personal healthy hair journey; we are committed to innovating, sharing, and offering you signature products and regimens to help you achieve your healthy hair goals!


-Coco Kendyll

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